Since opening for business in 1973, Randolph Vocational Industries, Inc. (RVI) has been providing vocational evaluation and rehabilitation programs for developmentally disabled, emotionally challenged, physically disabled adults or Work First participants who face the challenges of finding and maintaining employment in the community.

This venture was originally named Randolph Sheltered Workshop, Inc., and had its roots in a 1972 initiative chartered by Carl Ziegler, F. Richard Baker and Wilkes Macaulay. These three men

served as the original Board of Directors. The workshop was started with $12,000 in funding

raised by a steering committee and augmented with federal and state grants.

In the beginning, subcontracted work from area businesses provided training and income for

those who were part of the sheltered workshop. As RVI grew to train and place more workers, subcontracting expanded to address a multitude of outsourcing needs for many companies. A number of RVI job trainees were successfully placed in jobs throughout the community and many have earned praise and promotions from their employers. Success stories abound; some of the entry-level job placements have even grown into managerial or supervisory positions.


Randolph Vocational Industries, Inc. is a private, non-profit company. and has contractual agreements with the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Sandhills Center for MH

(Mental Heath,) DD (Developmentally Disabled) and SAS (Substance Abuse Services).


Subcontracted and outsourcing services help us not only provide revenue but empowers our

clients by creating productive opportunities that enrich their lives.  Contributions from individuals and groups play a significant role in supporting RVI. All financial contributions and gifts in kind are tax-deductible.

The Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) first accredited RVI in 1998

and re-accreditation is addressed every three years.


Randolph Vocational industries works to provide education, training and counseling for adults

with disabilities.  Our focus is to empower our clients to achieve meaningful work opportunities

as well as life skills development activities that meet their specific needs and align with their life goals.

Services Offered

Vocational Evaluation & Counseling
This is a period of testing skills and making observations to determine where a person is, vocationally. Through counseling, the person and counselor work together, to set realistic employment goals for that individual.

Initial Work Adjustment Training
We do job training using the subcontracted work being performed at our facility, to build skills

and enhance the employability of the people we work with.

Work Adjustment Training, Job Placement and Follow-up
When a person is ready for employment outside Randolph Vocational Industries, we work to help him or her find a suitable job.Through the follow-up, the new employee and the employer receive support with training and any performance issues.

Supported Employment
This is designed to help people with severe disabilities find jobs. Training and long-term support

are integrated into the person’s work, where he or she is working.

Adult Developmental Vocational Program
For people who are only able to work at minimal levels, this program assists them with developing necessary work skills and habits to accomplish the work they’re engaged in and can enable them

to move to the next level. Compensatory Education is provided to this population through

Randolph Community College.

Referral Services
When our workers need outside services, Randolph Vocational Industries can refer them to providers.

Examples of referrals are:

•Medical or health care services 

•Psychiatric or psychological services 

•Therapies - physical, speech and others 

•Tutoring and educational training in certain subjects to earn a GED, ABE and compensatory education

Since 1973

Randolph Vocational Industries, Inc. is a private non-profit vocational rehabilitation facility. It is associated with the North Carolina Department of Human Resources; the division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health


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