Client Services

Our clients are referred to us by North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation (NCVR) so please contact NCVR (Asheboro office) at

336 629-1040 to access our services.

We provide services to people who are developmentally or physically impaired or have mental or emotional challenges.  We also work with people who are adjusting to a new disability due to an accident,  injury or medical condition.

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  • Vocational Evaluation & Counseling

This is a period of testing skills and making observations to determine where a person is, vocationally. Through counseling, the person

and counselor work together, to set realistic employment goals for that individual.

  • Work Adjustment Training

We do job training using the subcontracted work being performed at our facility, to build skills and enhance the employability of the people we work with.

  • Job Placement and Follow-up

When a person is ready for employment outside Randolph Vocational Industries, we work to help him or her find a suitable job.Through the follow-up, the new employee and the employer receive support with training and any performance issues.

  • Adult Developmental Vocational Program

For people who are only able to work at minimal levels, this program assists them with developing necessary work skills and habits to accomplish the work they’re engaged in and can enable them to move to the next level. Compensatory Education is provided to this population through Randolph Community College.

"We are parents of a child with disabilities.  For the past 29 years he has participated in the program offered by Randolph Vocational Industries, Inc. for those with special needs. 

The personal and job training skills he has acquired there have enabled him to become a more confident and productive employee.  He  looks forward to going to work each and every day — and especially payday! 

We can’t imagine what life for our family would have been like without the program.  It has been a blessing!”

Randolph Vocational Industries, Inc. is a private non-profit vocational rehabilitation facility. It is associated with the North Carolina Department of Human Resources; the division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health


T: 336-629-0573

F: 336-629-8476